TrafficLight is a small, unobtrusive application which filters web traffic and blocks access to web pages which contain malware or phishing attempts in real-time. Because it is a stand-alone application, TrafficLight works with virtually any Windows-compatible browser. It even keeps look, feel and functionality consistent if you switch browsers and does not add a toolbar to your already-cluttered browser interface. Its interface remains invisible until your input is needed or it’s called up with a simple mouse gesture.

TrafficLight scans the pages you visit for malware and phishing attempts each and every time you access them to avoid the threat of legitimate but recently compromised websites. However, it won’t block an entire website if just some pages within are malicious. Only the potentially harmful elements are blocked, leaving you free to view the rest of the site if you so choose.

TrafficLight relies on intelligence provided by Bitdefender Cloud services to flag malware and phishing attempts in search results from Google or Bing. Not only that, but it also checks links in popular social network platforms and blocks them if they are suspect.


Operating system:

Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7


512 MB (Windows XP)

1 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

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  • I am pleased with traffic light. But it lacks regular updates. Can you provide automatic updation while starting the browser

  • TrafficLight is being continuously updated – but you won’t see that, because the updates happen on the BitDefender servers, in the cloud. The TrafficLight client that resides on your computer simply asks the server if links are clean and provides you with the answers.

  • Opera browser does not supported yet, but you wright somewhere that it’s supported. Please, realize it. I like your Internet Security for stationary PC but very need Trafficlight as light decision for my (far not only my) lovely browser on laptop.

  • Traffic Light as the name implies not only give signal to web pages but will also stop you from infecting your computer.Thanks to Bit Defender Labs for their free service to the world and the mankind. It will be a wise choice to use their Bit Defender Internet Security along with Traffic Light

  • I was hoping this would work with any Windows compatible browser as the description says, but it doesn’t work with SlimBrowser. Maybe I’m missing something; any suggestions?

  • You tell that you can bring up TrafficLight with a mouse gesture.
    How does this work? Which mouse gesture?

  • Connected to question 8.
    Can you use TrafficLight in Firefox in Ubuntu(Debian, Linux)?
    What is the correct mouse gesture?
    There is no popup of TrafficLight in Firefox-Ubuntu(Linux).
    Thanks on forehand.

  • connected to question 8 and 9.
    In the Google Store site, and not in your site, I found the solution:
    “To open the TrafficLight toolbar, just click the small (black?) handler on the upper left part of any web page.”
    “To hide it, click the same handler again.”
    Can you put that informatioin on this page?

  • connected to questions 8 to 10.

    For me it seems that TrafficLight works on some sites only if I gave cookies, or JavaScript, or both. (Ubuntu-Linux 10.04.3 Firefox and Chromium)
    Can you say something about that in this site, so people know?
    Thanks on forehand.

  • One surprise for mobile internet users, without flatrates: the initial “Update” is over 150MB big…because nothing states how big the update eventually is, I cut the connection. Now it does not seem to start again; but surely soon? It shouold be mentioned somewhere beforehand, that a huge update will be downloaded after installation; out of fairness towards mobile internet / Data Volume users. HOW big is the complete update at the moment? Thanks

  • intrusion protectections and get this hacker of my pc where he controls it??hel p?norton360 not detecting itstill never try to block 1 time yet HELP??

  • Dear Sir or Miss Thank-you for Chrome TrafficL. I am also using Int Explorer 11 beta, and my TL extension for this is inoperable. I trust your busy staff will develop a functional TL version for this IE also? Thanks much, wg

  • this is terrific!! but i keep getting a false positive from traffic light for my webutation extension!
    how can i whitelist webutation on traffic light? do they have a whitelist somewhere?

  • A user reported to the company Help Desk that a website was mislabeled as pornography. The site is one of the big name price clubs. How do I submit a request to have the site’s category reviewed and corrected? As an administrator, I do not have the same settings as the average user. How can I test a site’s category setting?

  • I got a message that Google and Facebook was tracking me while I was on a non affiliated web page. Does traffic light stop that action so they can not track me or does it just let me know they are? Is there a way to stop it if traffic light is just monitoring?

  • Why no Internet Explorer 11 (Win 7 64 bit) support,

    I like IE11 but have not found a way to protect it from malware popups that can not be closed without the task manager


  • Traffic Light says it is detecting “Trackers” (mostly Google Analytics), but it doesn’t say that it blocks them. Does it?

  • Does anyone answer questions on this site? Is there a moderator? Where does one go to get an answer to a question about TrafficLight (see question posted 5/16/15)?

  • 1. is reported with virus, not true!!!
    2. I have already reported 3 months ago that on mac, all accentuated characters are not correctly displayed, use UTF8 please.
    Thank you!