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USB Immunizer v2 is Right around the Corner

A couple of days ago we released a new project called Bitdefender USB Immunizer, a tool that makes your USB drive or CF card invulnerable to autorun malware. Since then, we received an overwhelming amount of feedback both from the press and from users, which helped us decide what, how and when version two should happen.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise entirely, so I’ll just limit this update to enumerating some of the most important goodies we’re going to pack in the new release:

  • Multilingual interface support.
  • Support for a wider range of file systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS
  • Completely new protection algorithm for the autorun.inf file
  • Option to automatically immunize flash drives that are unprotected

Keep an eye on this space if you’d like to be amongst the first ones to know when the USB Immunizer v2 will be ready.

About the author


Bogdan Botezatu is living his second childhood at Bitdefender as director of threat research. When he is not documenting sophisticated strains of malware or planning removal tools, he teaches extreme sports such as surfing the web without protection or rodeo with wild Trojan horses. He believes that most things in life can be beat with strong heuristics and that antimalware research is like working for a secret agency: you need to stay focused at all times, but you get all the glory when you catch the bad guys.


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  • hi, i would like to know, how to de-activate the immunized usb flash drive after using this program? my usb drive shows “The disk is write protected.” every time i want to copy to, delete or format the usb drive. Was it because of this program? my pendrive is S.L.I.Q. Pendrive, FAT32. i’ve scanned it using bitdefender 2011 total security but no virus is detected. i cant simply throw the pendrive as it is 8Gb.

  • Hello, Reiji. Your error is not related to the USB Immunizer, as we’re simply creating an autorun.inf file on your drive. First and foremost inspect the edges of your pen drive and see if it doesn’t have a “write protect” or “lock” switch you haven’t noticed. If this is not the case, then you might want to attempt a low-level format on the flash drive; there are a couple of utilities available, just Google for one.

  • @Christopher, it does work with Windows 7 x64. I’m running it on the x64 version of Windows 7.

  • Right around the corner??? Must be the longest corner ever encountered. Still looking forward to it.

  • smr: The release is a hidden feature here, but after reading your reply googling found it for me.