Live tracking, anti-theft added to Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android adds functionality once again – new key features include live device tracking.

The new anti-theft function allows users to easily track where their device is, in real time and to remotely wipe it if needed, via the Web.

Once a device is linked to their Bitdefender account, users are able to utilize the live tracking anti-theft feature to pinpoint its location should it be lost or stolen. There is also the option to remotely wipe the device in order to prevent thieves from accessing private or sensitive data.

Another major improvement in the new version is the SD card scanning
feature which helps prevent Android devices from becoming infected with
malware threats installed from external storage. Any new SD cards are
automatically scanned upon insertion to the device.

Curious? Visit the product page.

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Razvan Stoica is a journalist turned teacher turned publicist and technology evangelist. When Bitdefender isn't paying him to bring complex subjects to wide audiences, he enjoys writing fiction, skiing and biking. Razvan Stoica started off writing for a science monthly and was the chief editor of a science fiction magazine for a short while before moving on to the University of Medicine in Bucharest where he lectured on the English language. Recruited by Bitdefender in 2004 to add zest to the company's online presence, he has fulfilled a bevy of roles within the company since. In his current position, he is primarily responsible for the communications and community-building efforts of the Bitdefender research and technology development arm.


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  • how to create an account to activate anti-theft feature? i tried your site, but the web page is blank

  • Hmm. Try this: seems up also. Perhaps you have NoScript or similar?

  • now that i have created my account, where will i log in m computer to activate anti-theft features of bitdefender mobile installed on my phone?

  • I made Dolphin HD my default browser. Is the web security functionality then active with this browser?

  • When will bitdefender and usb immunization and protection to android smart phones. There is an ugly hack working in the Franklin TN area when you plug your android phone into the homecharger I.e. electric outlet the phone information becomes vulnerable to a carrier signal riding the ac power and allows the hacker to take control over the phone, access all contacts and has destroyed 3 phones and one powerplug so far. Any ideas for this insidious attack here?