Bitdefender Blocks .rtf Exploit

Bitdefender has added detection to all products for code exploiting the recently revealed Word 2010 memory corruption vulnerability, which is (according to Microsoft) being used in the wild in targeted attacks.

More about the vulnerability here and here. The detection name is Exploit.CVE-2010-3333.N.

4 Responses to Bitdefender Blocks .rtf Exploit

  1. Ivan says:

    On a pril 8,Microsoft has completed the investigation

  2. david says:

    Is this a post in 2014 about finally adding support for a CVE that was published by the vendor in 2010? Ouch…

  3. Andrew says:

    Try scanning from safe mode. Reboot and tap F8 durnig startup. Select safe mode from the menu.Also, try this if you have not:* (Free, don’t register it)