Pushdo Pushing Six Figures

Further sinkholing by the Bitdefender research team saw the Pushdo bots calling home from a surprising 183.909 unique IP addresses, spread all over the world.

As per the latest count, the botnet still has its center of gravity in Asia, with India being the most affected country, followed closely by Vietnam and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The definitive top ten looks as follows:

Iran, Islamic Republic of|9787
United States|9001
Pushdo global distribution map by unique IPs

Pushdo global distribution map by unique IPs

“Overall, we think this is a rather wide-spread bot-net, with an efficient command and control system, as evidenced by the very fast switchover to using the new DGA”, commented Bitdefender researcher Doina Cosovan.

One Response to Pushdo Pushing Six Figures

  1. Nagham says:

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