APT28 Under the Scope – A Journey into Exfiltrating Intelligence and Government Information

Bitdefender researchers have uncovered a massive global intelligence-gathering operation and performed an in-depth analysis of the cyber-espionage malware used to harvest intelligence from top political figures, government institutions, telecommunication, e-crime services and aerospace companies

Read the fully detailed APT28 whitepaper (click to read the whitepaper) detailing everything from targeted victims and attack flow to its probing process, as well as a detailed analysis of all its components, used tools and capabilities.

“While advanced persistent threat first became a popular term after the discovery of Stuxnet in an Iranian nuclear processing facility more than five years ago, some other threat actors such as the operators of APT28 have managed to covertly gather intelligence for almost a decade,” said Viorel Canja, Head of Antimalware and Antispam Labs at Bitdefender. “Our investigation focused on the APT28 infrastructure and operation particularities, which allowed us to link the threat with its operators and offer a glimpse of how one APT works and who it targets.”

APT28 Under the Scope: A Journey into Exfiltrating Intelligence and Government Information (424 downloads)

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