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35 Responses to Adware Remover

  1. Loracen Labby Penl says:

    thankfully it showed no infections which was great for my peace of mind since there was an infection last week that was horrible to remove, malwarebytes and Kaspersky seemed to be useless and the program that promised to remove it was purchased from another company and also didn’t work. the money paid was taken out of my account twice and but was returned. when it comes time to renew malwarebytes and Kaspersky i will very likely switch to bitdefender, seems to be much more reliable and tries to keep as up to date as possible, more than malwarebytes and Kaspersky.

  2. Luiz Farah says:

    I am a Bitdefender user for the last 2 years, I am very glad that you are working on this adware remover. I just used it in my PC I will be checking now if it realy remved the 5 adware it found

  3. mur_phy says:

    I currently use BDF, MBAB Premium (when offered as freeware almost 9 months ago) and MBAM Anti Exploit resident on my system and have many other tools available. As an admin in Pc Tech of Paltalk we make use of many tools to help users clean and keep clean their computer systems. This is one more tool to be added to the toolbox. Scanned over 13K of files in very short time and found nothing on the system which was to be expected. As I am the only user of BDF in PC Tech, I don’t expect a lot of interest by other admins but one never knows. Almost no one took up the offer by MBAM for free premium offered in Feb of 2014 but it is likely the most used anti malware program used in the room. Go figure!

  4. Thierry Cavalié says:

    This Beta malware remover tool seems to be a right one: It did not found anything in my computer, an Aspire V5 Dual Boot (Windows 8.1 & Ubuntu latest stable version).

  5. mathew akom says:

    I need help in installing the software on my win7/32bits computer.The download shows up in the download file as BDPUARLauncher.exe,instead of a zip format.When launched,the install is incomplete without “a get started” at the bottom right.Consequently,no approval can be given and the computer freezes with the program unable to launch.Very frustrating,please help……Thanks/Mathew

  6. Dean says:

    Astromenda got me yesterday. Took over many functions that try to remove it and until the reboot this morning I thought it was removed too. Now trying to rid it and tried BD’s removal tool beta version and it couldn’t detect it.

  7. Shaun says:

    I am having issues with adware.linkury.M and adware.linkury.M
    i am an existing bitdefender total security customer.